Conference Session: PolCitClim Reserach Project

Organising for resilience – local government strategies towards climate changes

The panel will focus on political and organizational dimensions of local communities adaptation to the climate change. Organising for resilience panel’s main aim is to share knowledge about the strategies implemented by local governments in different countries towards climate changes. Our particular focus is on urban policy but the analysis of other tiers of subnational governments are also in our wide interest. We invite academics who deal with the mitigation and adaptation to climate change policies as well as risk management. We are interested in local strategies, risk assessment, division of responsibility, and governance modes applied to adaptation and mitigation policies. Abstracts should be submitted on-line at .

The panel is organised by the Polish-Norwegian POLCITCLIM project (see also During the panel the most recent results of the research conducted within the POLCITCLIM project are going to be presented. POLCITCLIM investigates the factors that may influence climate change adaptation capacity in Poland and Norway. The basis of the project is an ongoing research on mitigation and local adaptation to climate change in Norway conducted by the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR). Through a replication and expansion of the study in Norway on Polish municipalities we compare the factors that enable cities to adapt to future climate changes. We would be happy to confront our POLCITCLIM results with similar research conducted in other countries and in other research projects.

For more information about the event please contact

Paweł Swianiewicz

Head of the Department of Local Development and Policy

Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies

University of Warsaw,

POLCITCLIM Project Leader