The 4th DRR Topic

Local and regional aspects of the natural disasters risk reduction


Issues covered by the conference

  • Theoretical and practical aspects
  • Paradigms and definitions
  • Geographical approach: Physical and social aspects
  • Psychological approach
  • Universal approach to the multi-hazards
  • Methods, estimation and spatial analysis
  • GIS, remote sensing and statistical analysis solition
  • Strategies
  • Changes and challenges
    • Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (2015-2030) (Hot Topic)
    • Disaster risk reduction (Hot Topic) (connected with natural hazards)
    • Estimation of disaster risk
    • Management of atural disaster reduction/ Natural disaster management (Hot Topic)
    • Natural hazards and extreme events
    • Natural hazards and climate change adaptation/ governmental, community and individual adaptation (Hot Topic)
    • Vulnerability to natural hazard/ Coping capacity/ Coping adaptation/Resilience and resistance; individual, community, institutional (Hot Topic)
    • Critical infrastructure
    • Spatial management
    • Sustainable development in DRR (Hot Topic)
    • Geothics: ethical aspects of natural disaster; individual, community, institutional and business (Hot Topic)
    • Dark tourism
    • Corruption: hot spots identification
    • Responsibility in humanitarian activities and emergencies
    • Public awarness
    • Behaviour and communication
    • Prevention, Insurance, and Evacuation
    • Stakeholders activity for DRR: business (Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), administration and local community: before, during, and after natural disaster
    • Psychological consequences of naturzl disasters (Hot Topic)
    • Education: school and community education
    • Partnership: University, government officials, and the public
    • Climate refugee’s
    • International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction: Activity and popularization (Hot Topic)